Nature As

Spiritual Experience

“I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.”

(John 10:10b TEV)

     It is good to give thanks to WAHO**,

          to sing praises to your name, O Wise and Holy One;

(Psalm 92:1 NRSV)

**WAHO = Wise and Holy One, my imitation of

using YHWH = Yahweh, for the ineffable name of God

     when we see the river

      as the blessing it is,

          not the dammed thing

          we can make of it;

     when the earth itself

          is our communion table;

     when we're as awed by a cat’s ingenuity

          as we are by computer technology;

     when we bite into

          theology’s questions

          as readily as we swallow

          technology’s answers;

     when we reject

          that a long life is good enough

          to accept

          that a good life is long enough;

     when we celebrate today

          as not just all we have

          but all we need;

     when we see this more abundant life

          not as our personal key

          to the gates of heaven

          but as the door to communion life

          in all its fullness.

Thank you Wise and Holy One

     for calling us to life

     in all its fullness

          not just hereafter

          but here and now.                Amen.

©Norm SD Esdon

Thank you Wise and Holy One

     for your hope of a new heaven

     and a new earth;

Thank you for your down-to-earth vision

     of what the best of life

     on earth can be —

the more abundant life we live:

     when we honour who we are

          as easily as we’re enthralled by

          what others say we should be;

     when we’re as eager to walk in another’s shoes

          as we are to run off with them;

     when we stop pursuing happiness

          and let it embrace us;

     when we love not in the hope of getting

          but for the joy of giving;

     when love is not what-you-can-do-for-me

          but what-we-can-be together;

     when we can see

          not all the light is in ourselves,

          not all the darkness in others;

     when we choose our leaders

          not for their image

          but for their imagination,

          not for the politics they play

          but for the principles they live;

     when our society makes room

          for the individual

      and individuals make time

          for society;

     when we put as much stock in the loon

          as we do in the loonie**;


**The “loonie” is the nickname for the Canadian one-dollar coin with its image of the loon on the reverse.