Nature As

Spiritual Experience

They laugh when I lie on my back

hold my cat to chest tightly

let him rest his head lightly

to purr in my ear;

They laugh as they taunt

"How can you let this


un-man you so?"

But they never listen long enough

to hear my answer —

          When Sea-Bird and Fish

          starve on our diet

          of plastic bits and bites;

          When Elephant and Narwhal

          are butchered for their tusks

          to ivory the wealthy;

          When the Shark for its fin

          is mutilated — left to die

          for an elitist soup;

          when Dolphins are deceived

          into arcing to the aid

          of their screaming fellows

          to die in a sea of red;

          When the arteries of Caribou

          through boreal and tundra

          are blocked by our pipelines;

          when the living room of Wolf

          is ripped up so we can get at

          the tarsands in the basement;

          When our economics-politics

          delegitimize environment;

          When our greed suffocates

          yet another species;

          When we let our

          Satanic-Noah nature

          un-human us so ...

Then I lie on my back

hold my purring cat

chest to chest tightly

and let my heart

drum to his —

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm so so sorry

as I try to think of something

I might do.


©Norm SD Esdon